API Documentation - #01

Highlights: Developer Portals + Chat Bots, Designing delightful CLIs and APIs, What makes great documentation.

Technical Writing

📝How to successfully migrate docs to a new tool - Brooke Wayne defined a seven-step process to help you prepare, anticipate, and overcome anything that arises during your migration.

🖼️ What makes a great API Documentation - DecathlonDev shared a checklist with the secret recipe for great documentation.

📝 Processes for managing SDK releases - Tom Johnson shared a few callouts that you should look for before publishing SDKs and other code artifacts.

📝Introducing GitHub’s OpenAPI description - GitHub has open-sourced an OpenAPI description of the REST API with +600 operations exposed.

Developer Experience

📝Doing APIs right and doing right APIs - Arnaud Lauret recaps the contents of INTERFACE, by apidays conference on API architecture, design, governance.

📝10 design principles for delightful CLIs - Natalie Johnson shared 10 principles for designing kick-ass CLI tools.

📝 Making developer portals chatty with OpenAPI Bot - Thomas Bush from Nordic APIs showcased how developers can learn about web APIs by speaking to a chatbot.


📝 Previewing documentation in pull requests - David Garcia wrote a guide explaining how to build docs previews automatically every time a repository receives a new pull-request.

📝Protect access to a Netlify site via GitHub Actions - Abdessalam Benharira wrote a guide to password protect sites hosted on Netlify.